Alaska: Aug. 6 - Aug. 21, 2010

After years of thinking about it, we finally decided to take the plunge and go on a cruise and Alaska was our first choice. But wait, who wants to simply fly to Alaska, then immediately get on a cruise ship and head home. No, that doesn't work for us. So we flew to Anchorage a week earky and spent 8 days on the ground in Alaska. We rented a car, and a cabin by a lake and toured the Kenai Pennisula, went up to Denali National Park, saw the highest point in North America, Mt. Denali (or as it was named then, Mt. McKinley), went halibut and salmon fishing and more.

But again, that is too simple right. Right. I had been thinking about (wanting) buying my first ever real camera and the day before we left I pulled the trigger and spent a bunch of cash on our first DSLR. Oh what fun. Get on a plane, heading off to the trip of our lifetime to that point and have a beautiful camera and not the first clue how to use it. Here is that story.

Mt. Denali (Mt. McKinely at the time) - the highest point in North America at 6,190 m or 20,310 ft.

The First 8 Days:
Aug. 6 to Aug. 13
The Cruise:
Aug. 14 to Aug. 21