United Kingdom 2023

A couple years ago our granddaughter, Casandra, moved to the Manchester area of the UK with her fiance, John. About a year ago we learned of her plans to get married and I decided to make the journey. However, I wan't about to fly all the way (9 hours on a plane...yuk!), to the UK...attend the wedding, then fly home. That wasn't in the cards.

So, I am spending 8 days in London before heading to Manchester for 5 days. Then back to London where I join a bus tour that takes us all around the UK including England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and then back to London before flying home. This should be interesting!

May 16 to May 24:
May 25 to May 30:
May 31 to June 5:
London to Wick
June 6 to June 11:
Wick to Limerick
June 12 to June 17:
Kilarney to Chester
June 18 to June 22
Cardiff to Home