Photo Editing

We are now offering basic photo editing for only $2.00 a photo. Straighten the horizon, crop a little, brighten it up or darken, add a little light in the shadows where it is too dark, darken the highlights that are too bright, remove some "noise" (graininess), make it a little crisper, or soften it. We will take a good photo and make it great! Here are a few samples. Details on how to improve your photos below.








So, how do you get started?

Simply send us an e-mail with "Photo Editing Info" in the subject line to and we will send you an e-mail with several options on how to send us your photos. Once we have completed the edits, we will send you a link to the photos with instructions for downloading them and payment ($2.00 per photo). Minimum order is 5 photos.

NOTE: This service cannot take a bad photo (example, blurry) and make it good. But, it can take a good photo and make it great! So, for any photos you might like to print or use digitally, this is for you.