Florida - 2006

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Jan. 15 to Jan. 27 2006

In January of 2006 we decided to go to Florida for the first time and our daughter and granddaughter, Ginny and Taylor came along for the ride. Quite a ride! It was a busy trip.

The first week we stayed at Cocoa Beach and made a couple day trips into Orlando and Walt Disney World. Loads of fun for a 10 year old. The older kids had fun too.

Next a couple days at the Kennedy Space Centre. On the second day we were very fortunate to view the launch of the New Horizons spacecraft. It spent the next ten years traveling to Pluto. The next day was spent at See World.

Then off to Ft. Lauderdale. The next few days were full with a boat tour of Ft. Lauderdale harbour, a day trip to Key West, an air boat tour on the Everglades, seeing alligators and just generally seeing the sights.

Ginny and Taylor flew home a couple days before Joy and I so we took a day cruise to the Bahamas. The seas were rough and Joy didn't have a good time that day. But, overall it was a wonderful trip!

(NOTE: some photos may be out of order)