Lake Louise - Jan. 2020

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Lake Louise - Jan. 22 & 23, 2020

Wow! We can pack a lot into 32 hours. We left for a little trip to Lake Louise on Wednesday at 9:00 am and returned Thursday at 5:00 pm. Along the way we managed to shoot photos of some wild horses, the methane bubbles at Abraham Lake (got shots of the bubbles but the photographer was so busy trying not to get blown down the lake by ferocious winds that he is not happy with the shots!), then on to Highway 93.

Highway 93 is a completely different drive in the winter compared to the summer. I keep trying to find an adjective to describe the beauty of the Rockies but have decided there isn’t one. Some shots that don’t do it justice and a couple of a friendly Raven.

Next stop, Morant’s Curve. And we got lucky! A CP train passed as we were there. Checked into our motel, and noticed we had a very low tire. Since there is no one in Lake Louise to fix it, off to Banff we went. After the tire repair I got some shots of the snow sculptures in Banff Snow Days, the dinner at The Keg. Then back to Lake Louise for some night shots at the Ice Sculpture competition at the Chateau Lake Louise. Beautiful.

Woke up to snow Thursday morning, so wasn’t going to go back to the Chateau but decided to go anyway. Good choice. Skated on the lake, got a few more shots, then went for breakfast.

Back up Highway 93 heading for home. After leaving the National Park, we found some Big Horn Sheep licking salt off the road, then another stop at Lake Abraham. Even windier than yesterday but still got a few shots. Took a short video of what I think is wind getting under the ice causing some awesome movement under the ice.

OK. Enough. Time to head home, right? Nope. Had to stop at Crescent Falls and hike in to see the frozen falls. Not great light but worth the effort.

Next a stop for gas at Spruce View and then get a shot of a Great Horned Owl between Spruce View and Dickson. Not bad for 32 hours.