New York, Virginia & Washington DC - Sept. 15 to Sept 26, 2008

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New York, Virginia & Washington DC

Sept. 15 to Sept 26, 2008

Joy and I had been to New York in 2006 but I saw that historic Yankee Stadium was being closed and demolished. I thought I should get to a game there before that happened. I managed to get a pair of tickets to the 6th last game ever played at the famous ballpark. Then we thought we should ask our granddaughter, Kayla, if she wanted to go and she jumped at the chance. So one more ticket, and a flight to New York later and a memorable trip was underway.

First stop was New York where we toured and walked until we wore out our shoes. A tour of Yankee Stadium in the afternoon before the game, a subway ride (in an empty subway does that happen in New York??) back to Central Park and Penny Lane (the Lennon Memorial) then back to the ball park for the game. There is so much to see and do in New York that our three days seemed like 15 minutes.

Then off to Virginia for a week with a stop in Gettysburg (highly recommended!). From our base at Massanutten, VA we drove the Blueridge Parkway (gorgeous) and went into Washington DC for a day. Also highly recommended.

The plan was to drive back to New York and fly home but due to a brewing storm, I rearranged things and we drove to Niagara Falls for a day (but not before a scare at the border as they didn't want to let the rental car into Canada!). Then on to Toronto for the flight home. What a great trip!