Canada 2022:

July 15 to July 21 (Ashland, NH to Killington, VT)

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Day 82 - July 15, 2022

Moving day. We had 6 hours for a 2-hour drive so we took our time. Google Maps told us there were four covered bridges on the route so of course we had to stop at all of them.

We made it to Vermont which was the last state that I had not been to. I have now visited all 10 provinces (plus Yukon), and all 50 states and have driven in all but Oregon and Yukon. To celebrate, Bud E. convinced a nice policeman to pose for the photo!

I can also say I was at Woodstock. OK, Woodstock, Vermont and 53 years after the festival in New York State but, details-schmeetails. Woodstock is a lovely town with most of the buildings from the mid 1800’s. Then on to Killington for the next week with a side trip planned to New York City and a Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Garden. I am not sure if I will be able to post any photos during the New York trip and if I can’t, I might be waaaay behind because after that it will be a series of long drives back to Alberta.

Woodstock, Vermont

Day 83 - July 16, 2022

It has been a long haul to this point. And in a few days, it’s going to get hectic again with the New York trip and then the long drive home. So today we just stayed at the resort. I took a little walk (3.3 kms) this afternoon around the resort. It’s quite the place.

There are fish in the pond, zip lines, people ride a sled to the top and come down on a roaster rail, elastic jumping, the ski lift takes people up to the top with their BMX bikes and they ride down, a chair lift zip line, a rope Jungle Jim thingy, and some sort of obstacle course doodad. And live music in two locations that can be heard all over the place. Pretty cool.

I think they are missing out however. They should have a photographer taking photos of people doing the activities. I am sure people would buy them. People were asking me to show them my photos of them!

Fun at Killington

Day 84 - July 17, 2022

We tried to take is easy again today but…without much success. The map says 4 hours, but it was easily 6 or 7 with all the stops. Anyway, just a drive through the countryside. I tried to show how heavily forested this part of the world is. And most of it is deciduous forest so the trees turn all kinds of colours in the fall. Someday I would like to come back and get photos of the fall. Also of note is the streams have lots of swimming holes that get well used by the local folk.

Vermont forests

Day 85 - July 18, 2022

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday (and many days previous) was sunny and warm. Today started cloudy, then rain and cool settled in. Oh well, that didn’t stop us from our last country drive in this area.  Before we left I got some shots of the resort, the pool and some flower/insect shots. Then off we went. First to Rutland where I checked on carry on sizes for the train tomorrow to New York and a couple shots of the downtown murals.

Next stop…Weston where there is a museum for an old grist mill. Unfortunately, it was closed but I still got shots of the outside. They no longer run water from the pond above down through the waterwheel as the winters are hard on them. This wheel is brand new as the original finally succumbed to the elements. Weston is quite small but there were a couple stores that were open. Loads and loads of “stuff”!

Then a short but winding drive back to the resort through Ludlow (lunch and a couple more photos) and around a few small but gorgeous lakes.

Weston, VT - Grist Mill Waterwheel

Day 86 - July 19, 2022

New York. Day 1

New York. No more words required. Except I can’t stop there. 

This place is bonkers. The Calgary Stampede on steroids. On one hand it is fascinating to see the various cultures blend. On the other there is simply far too many people in one place. 11:00 at night and Times Square is wall to wall packed. The Top of the Rock was 5 rows deep trying to see the city below. Yet Central Park is an oasis in the middle of the mad house. The sights, the sounds, the smells of the Big Apple are overwhelming. Not to mention the eclectic mix of architecture, old, older, new, and newer.

Anyway, a few shots showing life in New York from the eye of a tourist. And Bud E. doing what Bud E. does. One special shot of him that I have had in mind for a while is at the John Lennon memorial in Central Park, Strawberry Fields.

New York, from the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Centre)

Day 87 - July 20, 2022

New York. Day 2

Our last day in New York started with a subway ride to the south end of Manhattan for a visit to the 911 Memorial. They have done a beautiful job and the memorial is wonderful. A double square waterfall surrounded by the names of those lost etched in polished stone.  There were flowers in some of the names and I read that the authorities place them there on the birthday of the person. This is a unique place in New York. People talk in whispers, and it seems much quieter than everywhere else.

Then up to the One World Observatory. This was not nearly as busy as Rockefeller Centre. You don’t get to be outside like at the Rock or the Empire State Building, but the views are sensational. You are 100 floors up.

Then a long walk back to the hotel for a little R&R before the Billy Joel concert. FYI folks…he’s still got it! At 73 he can rock it out. He has played Madison Square Garden over 130 time (another show is scheduled this fall) and he sells it out every time. The crowd was standing 10 minutes before he took the stage and they never sat down. And they knew every word of every song. It was impressive. Billy Joel (and his excellent band) put on quite a show.

New York from One World Observatory

Day 88 - July 21, 2022

A long day. First a train from Penn Station, Manhattan to Croton-on Hudson to pick up the car, then drive to Niagara Falls. We stopped on the US side to get a few shots from there as I had never been to that side of the falls. Then on to the Canadian side (a really easy pass through customs, with a nice border agent) and an early night. We will be spending the day tomorrow touring Niagara Falls.

Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls, from the U.S. side