Canada 2022:

July 8 to July 14 (Auburn, ME to Ashland, NH)

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Day 75 - July 8, 2022

As usual I tried to stay on smaller roads on the trip from Auburn, Maine to Ashland, New Hampshire. It is only a couple hours drive but when you check out of one place at 8:00 am and can’t check into the next one until 3:00 pm, you must take your time. And you see much more when you can stop without getting run over.

So, here are some shots along the way. There is a paddle boarding Poodle, a beautiful little lake with kayakers, a waterfall and a few around the resort we will call home the next week. Many people would come to a place like this and stay here all week. Not me. I have to get out and see the area. The plan for tomorrow is to go to Boston, do far too much walking, taking in the sights and then a Red Sox vs Yankees game at Fenway Park. Hopefully traffic and parking will be kind to us!

Water Lilly

Day 76 - July 9, 2022

What a day! I knew I was going to take too many photos when I parked the car and hadn’t gotten out of the alley and had already taken 3. We walked several blocks (the first of about 16 kms for the day) and jumped on a tour bus which took us down to the U.S.S. Constitution, taking a few shots along the way. My goal for the day was five-fold. First try to show Boston today with the contrast of the very old and the modern city (hopefully a check). Second, see the U.S.S. Constitution (check). Third walk the Freedom Trail end to end (check). Third, see the famed bar that inspired the TV show “Cheers” (check). And finally take in a Red Sox game at Fenway Park with the bonus that the opposition was the Yankees (check again). Joy and I had been to Boston in 2006 so some of this is covering old ground but so worth it!

First the U.S.S. Constitution was something I have wanted to see since I was a kid and built a large model of the ship. To say the ship is a marvel is a gross understatement. It is 224 years old, is still a commissioned battleship in the U.S. Navy (they still sail her out into the harbour. On July 4th she sailed out and shot the 21-gun salute!) and is now commanded for the first time by a woman. The ship has been involved in 33 naval battles. The score…U.S.S. Constitution 33, the opposition 0.

Next the Freedom Trail is about 2.5 miles of history. There is far too much to go into here but some of the names include Samuel Adams, Ben Franklin, Paul Revere, John Hancock and many more. Many of these are buried in the cemetery shown here. It was started in 1630! There are parks (Boston Common, the first public park in North America, markets, hotels and restaurants that date back hundreds of years. Fascinating. Lunch in Little Italy was great.

Cheers is a gong show. A testament to the popularity of the show, 29 years after the show went of the air, the bar is still on all the tour bus routes and is lined up from opening to closing. I think the girl at the door took pity on me and got me a table with only a 5-minute wait while telling others it was a 30 to 40 minute wait. Bud E. enjoyed his first beer of the year.

Then the game. Again, Fenway has been a desired destination of mine for years. I didn’t care who won, I just wanted the atmosphere, and it was outstanding. The rivalry between the Sox and the Yankees made the crown dynamic as interesting as the game. In the end, it went into extra innings with the Sox winning in dramatic fashion. Then the 2-hour drive home arriving about 1:30 am. Also, kudos to the weatherman who could not have ordered a better day!

U.S.S. Constitution

Day 77 - July 10, 2022

After the monster day yesterday, we decided to take it easy today. I heard about the Waterloo Covered Bridge and the map said it was just an hour away, so off we went. We not only found that but two others along the way. So, today we have shots of three covered bridges. One is an out of service railway bridge, not too impressive and one is a fairly new bridge (2001) with people swimming in the river below. The Waterloo Covered Bridge is beautiful with a great reflection in the river below.

We also saw a picturesque lake with lots of boats. And, as per usual, a few shots of some of the New Hampshire architecture. The back roads of New Hampshire are beautiful. Narrow, winding roads through forest and hills with the sunlight playing tricks with the shadows.

By the way, when the maps show a driving time, it is always at least double that with all the stops we make.

Waterloo Covered Bridge

Day 78 - July 11, 2022

I learned about an “easy” hike to a place called “Rainbow Falls” so we decided to give it a try. Only I couldn’t find the “easy” trailhead and ended up at one that was only 1.2 miles round trip, but was 600 vertical feet of climbing, through rough terrain. I am a tad tired tonight. The falls were nice but not exceptional. We did see some interesting fungi on the way.

After that a little drive in the country (very pretty) and then another mile hike at Quincy Bog. This was gorgeous (and flat). We saw several birds that I can’t identify, except for the Common Yellowthroat and a Mallard duck. I think another one is an Eastern Phoebe but??? I was also able to get shots of several types of dragonflies that I have not seen before, painted turtles and large bull frogs. I am told there are herons and kingfishers at the bog too. May have to go back there. We’ll see.

Rural New Hampshire

Day 79 - July 12, 2022

An easy but productive day. We didn’t leave the unit until after 12:00 and the first stop was the Plymouth Theatre in (go figure) Plymouth, NH. It is over 100 years old and now does both movies and live shows.  About a gazillion years ago, very early in my working life, I worked in several theatres for about 5 years. Loved it. Didn’t make any money but loved the work. Now, if I see and old theatre I sometimes stop and ask if I can get a few shots. The folks here were very accommodating. I shot the interior and some of the posters of movies and acts that have played here over the years.

The rest of the day was pure luck. We decided to go to Littleton just to see what is there but of course, back roads. On the way we drive through several small communities that were founded in the mid 1700’s, we see a very pretty waterfall at Campton, some great scenery and architecture, a long covered bridge built in 1832 (note the sign), a 1956 Ford Crown Victoria, then Littleton offered up a hotel built in 1850. A good day was had by all. 

Campton Waterfall

Day 80 - July 13, 2022

I was having withdrawal symptoms, so I had to do it. I had to go golfing. So, a few boring photos of the course. There were some cool spider webs covered in dew at the start.

After a four hour round Bud E. wanted to go for a drive so off we went. We drove through a couple small towns, Ashland, and Sandwich. I tried to capture the essence of small-town New Hampshire. Small towns, old homes and building, surrounded by lakes and forest.

Then the lure of the backroads was too much. We headed off to a one lane, gravel road over the mountain, through the White Mountain National Forest. Just before that I stopped and asked a gentleman who was out working in his yard is I could ask him a few questions. The photo of the white house with my car in the driveway is the place. The house was built in 1802!  That’s 65 years before Canada was a country.  220 years old. He also mentioned that a couple days earlier he had 4 black bears in his back yard. We also saw a couple wild turkeys on the journey.

Then off down the road. We stopped at Beede Falls which was a short pleasant little hike. After that we found an even smaller road that led to a beautiful little mountain pond. Next, after leaving the park we came across a farm. The sign on the barn indicates it was built in 1801. Amazingly well preserved. For the record…I like New Hampshire. It is truly beautiful.

Beautiful New Hampshire home. 220 years old

Day 81 - July 14, 2022

As we set off today, I was looking for a couple waterfalls and another covered bridge that I had heard about. First, we drove through Waterville Valley. This is a high-end district with resorts, golf, tennis, spas, high end homes, golf etc.

Nest we found the waterfalls and I played around with some longer exposures. Then the covered bridge which was used by slaves in the 1800’s to escape to Canada. I managed some shots of the inside which show the construction. Also, some shots of the reflections in the water below. 

A lovely church on the way home and then a surprise. I won’t give it away; you will have to look for it. (Hint: it’s the second last photo)

Sabbaday Falls, New Hampshire