Canada 2022:

April 1 to April 7 (Home to Ucluelet, B.C.)

The first leg of the journey takes us (me and my new traveling companion, Bud E. Bear) from home to Ucluelet, B.C. with stops in Canmore (one night) then Kelowna (two nights) on to Parksville, B.C. for a night, and Port Hardy before spending a couple night in the Ucluelet/Tofino are on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Click on the photo for each day to view that day's photos.

Day 1 - March 31, 2022

The first day is a short one, in distance, not time or beauty. From home at Gleniffer Lake Resort to Canmore, AB. On the David Thompson Highway by Abraham Lake I came across a herd of Big Horn Sheep on the road. The young males were practicing for battle. When they collided the sound is a loud crack. Gave me a headache just watching.

Highway 93 is considered one of the most beautiful drives in the world. While I have driven it many times it is always spectacular, summer or winter. A few stops along the way, a couple friendly ravens, some scenic shots and then a hike to the lower falls at Johnston Canyon. Note: Don't do this in the winter without ice cleats. I did and almost fell about 30 times.

Big Horn Sheep

Day 2 - April 1, 2022

The trip to Kelowna was uneventful other than a 20 minute construction delay before Golden, BC. For years the crows and ravens avoided my camera but now they seem to love it! While sitting at the construction delay, this pair put on a show for me.

Bud E. also posed at the entrance to the Rogers Pass Information Centre, in front of the Revelstoke bridge, Mara Lake and relaxing in our new home for the next couple days. We are staying at my sister's place in Kelowna, a beautiful condo right downtown, across from City Park and the marina. Gorgeous!

Revelstoke Bridge

Day 3 - April 2, 2022

Just a quiet day, walking around downtown Kelowna. A few flowers and buds starting to "spring" out. A couple shots of what I believe is an old newspaper building that they are building a new building but are saving the front facade. A few birds and a sunset.

Downtown Kelowna

Day 4 - April 3, 2022

We started the day by driving along the east shore of Okanagan Lake, both north and south of Kelowna. The lake was quite calm so some good reflections. Also ran into a dog that was really good at catching a Frisbee.

Then we drove around the north half of the lake by way of the west shore line to Vernon, then back to Kelowna. The west shoreline is very pretty.'s a big lake! There are lots of areas that have been burnt by the forest fires in recent years.

Overlooking Okanagan Lake

Day 5 - April 4, 2022

Just a really quiet day with a quick drive down to Penticton and Naramata. Some shots of wine country with the lake, an old tractor and a partridge.

Wine Country

Day 6 - April 5, 2022

It was an interesting day of travel. The Coquihalla Highway was closed due to a spring storm and an accident overnight. I had a reservation on the ferry to Vancouver Island so I needed to get there. The highway opened at 7:00 am, but the road signs on the way said the Coquihalla was closed even though the internet said it was open. I took a chance and it was open. But foggy, icy and snowy. And slow. There was even a rock slide they were cleaning up just to keep life from getting dull.

Once past that however, it was smooth sailing. Literally. I had a nice lady get a shot of me with Bud E. Bear on the ferry, several shots of the scenery during the crossing and a nice sunset across the bay from the Parksville city park.

Parksville Sunset

Day 7 - April 6, 2022

Today started off cloudy but nice. I took a few photos of some flowers around Parksville before heading north to Port Hardy. Shortly after getting on the road it started to rain. I am told that happens a lot here! It rained all day.

I stopped at Elk Falls in Campbell River for a few shots then back on the road. The weather didn't stop me from taking a side trip to Zeballos (look that up on Google Maps). This is a small village on an inlet off the Pacific Ocean. The road to get there was 42 kms of poor to "holy potholes Batman!". And of course, raining. Absolutely beautiful, even in the rain. Even Bud E. was impressed.

Then on to Port Hardy where my room overlooks the water.

Day 8 - April 7, 2022

Another long day of driving, of course in the rain. Port Hardy to Coal Harbour, back to Port Hardy, then on to Qualicum Beach and finally Ucluelet.

Tomorrow is supposed to rain and then clear up around 3:00. Hopefully that will happen. I just plan to drive up to Tofino (30 kms) stopping along the way and perhaps a little hiking.

Harbour view from our deck