Route 66 – 2017/2018:

December 24 to December 30

Christmas week. After a wonderful drive through Death Valley, we arrived here we are in Las Vegas. Travel day (the 24th) was a very interesting drive through Death Valley. Christmas Day was quiet. We even cooked a turkey in the timeshare. Then a few days touring “The Strip” and a day at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

We end the week with a trip to the Mirage Secret Garden Dolphin Habitat and then on Saturday, the Terry Fator show (fabulous!!).

Click on the photo for each day to view that day's photos.

Day 71 - dec. 24, 2017

Death Valley is amazing. We witnessed a beautiful sunrise, then something called the Trona Pinnacles. Beautiful. We also came across a wild burro who was kind enough to pose for us. Notice the eyelashes. These are roads the way I like them. Almost empty.

Then off to Death Valley and a walk on sand dunes that are up to 150 feet high that are constantly changing. Next Furnace Creek and down Highway 178 through the valley. We took the small side trip to the "Artist's Palette". Different, mutli coloured minerals have risen to the surface over millions of years creating an amazing collage of colours.

Next, Devils Golf Course. Salt crystals that are also changing and being reformed. First impression, not great. But upon closer inspection, very cool. Then off to Las Vegas.

Death Valley, CA

Day 72 - dec. 25, 2017

Christmas Day. We spent the day in the room, cooked a turkey and just few shots from the window. Not a bad view!

Merry Christmas, 2017

Day 73 - Dec. 26, 2017

Las Vegas is unbelievable. The opulence is well, everywhere. And it is HUGE! I heard on the news that there are over 150,000 hotel rooms on The Strip (and they are 98% booked this week). Anyway, I walked the north half the "strip" today. Google maps says 4.2 miles, as the crow flies. I didn't go in a straight line. My guess is that II walked about 10 miles.

There are more pictures of Vegas than are countable so the world doesn't need more of mine. Too bad, I take them anyway. However, once in a while I try to take some from a little different perspective.

Las Vegas, NV

Day 74- Dec. 27, 2017

Eye on Vegas. Just another day of walking The Strip. This time Google Maps say 5.95 miles as the crow flies.

"Eye on Vegas" - Las Vegas, NV

Day 75 - dec. 28, 2017

Today was a quick trip out to Red Rock Canyon. We have been here before and were underwhelmed so I thought I would give it another go. I was pleasantly surprised. After I managed to get in that is. Wow. The lineup ran out onto the highway. It took a good 30 minutes to get through the gates.

From the road it is nice but not exceptional. You really need to get out of the car and do a little hiking to appreciate it. One other thing I noticed was the people. Not only were there lots of them, crawling all over the rocks, but I can't count the number of languages. And very little English.

In the evening we went to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and watched the Flames play the Sharks.

Red Rock Canyon, AZ

Day 76 - DEc. 29, 2017

Today we did more walking around The Strip. We also went to the Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage. These are the big cats that were in the Seigfried & Roy show until the tragic accident that ended Roy's career. The cats are beautiful, but hard to photograph behind the wire fencing.

The dolphins on the other hand are quite easy to shoot and they put on a good show.

And of course more shots of The Strip. Because the world doesn't have enough:)

Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat, Mirage, Las Vegas, NV

Day 77 - dec. 30, 2017

New Years Eve Eve. So, let's go to Terry Fator. For those that haven't heard of Terry Fator, he was the winner of the first ever America's got Talent. And he does. Ventriloquist, singer, puppeteer and entertainer.

We have seen his show before but wanted to see it again. He is amazing. And very funny.

Also some pics around The Mirage and The Strip.

Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, NV