Route 66 – 2017/2018:

November 12 to November 18

After an uneventful drive (just the way I like ’em) from Holly Lake Ranch we arrived at Willis, Texas on Lake Conroe which is about 50 mile north of Houston. The timeshare condo is a huge improvement. It overlooks the lake (in fact the balcony overhangs the lake) and is quite nice. Bonus…..even the internet works!!

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Day 29 - nov. 12, 2017

Another quiet day. Just a few shots around the resort and from the condo. It overlooks the lake with the balcony overhanging the lake. Beautiful setting.

Lake Conroe, TX

Day 30 - Nov. 13, 2017

Another quiet day. We'll get busier tomorrow with a trip into Houston. Just a few shots around the resort, some butterflies, the marina and a turkey vulture. The vultures are everywhere, but usually airborne.

Turkey Vulture

Day 31 - Nov. 14, 2017

Didn't do anything today, so just a few shots of the timeshare condo.

The Landing at Seven Coves

Day 32- Nov. 15, 2017

Today we got back at it. Into Houston for a visit to the Houston NASA Space Centre. I think what these people did in the sixties is simply astounding. The Apollo 11 mission went to the moon and back with 2 megs, yes, I said 2 megs of computing power in a room the size of a warehouse. Mission control didn't even have calculators, they used slide rules (anyone remember those?). The complexity of the equipment is mind boggling. Unfortunately, it doesn't make good photography, but it sure is interesting. The Saturn V rocket is monstrous. The five engines on the bottom are well, see for yourself. The Command Module shown here is the actual one that went to the moon in July 1969.

Space Shuttle Heat Shield Tiles

Day 33 - Nov. 16, 2017

Busy, busy day. Started off by going to the Texas Battleship. At least that was the plan but got sidetracked at the San Jacinto Monument. This is the site of the battle where Sam Houston and the Texas army defeated Santa Ana, avenged The Alamo and ultimately this led to the U.S. acquiring Texas, and all the lands to the west. Then the U.S.S. Texas. Commisssioned in 1914, it didn't see much action in WW I but plenty in WW II. It the last remaining floating battleship from WW I. They are in the process of a major refit, or it won't be floating for long.

Lastly, off to Galveston. Which, by the way is beautiful. The water was warm and the homes are all on stilts.

On a side note, Houston and Galveston shorelines are endless oil refineries. I was wondering where the protestors were. No sign of James Cameron or Neil Young.

San Jacinto Monument as seen from the WWI battleship USS Texas

Day 34 - nov. 17, 2017

Today we visited Joanne, Paul & Mel in Richmond. Out for lunch (Tex Mex) and then get ready for the trip to Austin tomorrow. The "lighthouse" is at the entrance to the district we have been staying in and the goose was just walking by when we got back from Richmond.

Lighthouse at The Landing at Seven Coves, Willis, TX

Day 35 - nov. 18, 2017

Moving Day. On the way from the Houston area to the Austin/San Antonio territory. Early the trip we saw a tree full of Turkey Vultures. We also stopped in Montgomery and took a few shots of "small town, main street, Texas. Then we happened across Washington on the Brazos River. This is the place where the revolution against Mexico began, the Texas constitution was signed and the Republic was born. Quite interesting.