Route 66 – 2017/2018:

October 22 to October 28

Our second week started off with a “down” day. Just relax and get caught up with the pictures. So, no pictures on the 22nd. Then after a long day into Chicago on the 25th, we took the 26th off as well.

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Day 8 - Oct. 22, 2017

A day off. No photos today.

Day 9 - Oct. 23, 2017

Today was our first day with cooler, cloudy weather. First off we went to Starved Rock State Park. The legend is that two tribes were warring and one went to the top of a plateau thinking it was strategic, but the other just waited below and starved them out. Beautiful canyons and easy hikes. Next on to Pontiac and our first drive along Route 66 to Joliet.

Starved Rock State Park

Day 10 - Oct. 24, 2017

Another cool, rainy day so we just cruised a little along Route 66. We found sections of the old, abandoned road and drove through the towns it ran through.

Route 66, the old highway. Our first look.

Day 11- Oct. 25, 2017

Great day in Chicago. It was cool, but sunny so I guess that is a win. We started with the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) the tallest building in the world for 25 years. Next onto the double decker tour bus, then the Navy Pier, a lakeshore cruise, then back on the bus. Next we had dinner in a 119 year old restaurant and finally another trip up to Sky Deck at Willis Tower for some night shots. From the tower you are so high up you can see the curvature of the earth.

Chicago, IL

Day 12 - Oct. 26, 2017

Booo! Another day with no photos.

Day 13 - Oct. 27, 2017

We took our time heading into Chicago to the Blackhawks vs Predators game at the United Center. I can't believe the FREE parking spot we got. One block to the front door! And we missed all the traffic getting out too.

United Center, Chicago, IL. Pre-game, Flames vs Blackhawks

Day 14 - Oct. 28, 2017

This was a very long day. We drove from Norway, IL to Branson, MO. Over 800 kms and 12 hours (with stops for photos). We found St. Louis to be quite old and run down. I'm sure it was just the area of town we were in but it wasn't pretty. Even the famous Gateway Arch is in a rough part of town.

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