Road Trip – 2018/2019:

Nov. 17 to Nov. 23 (Galveston, TX)

As mentioned we have added Galveston to our journey. We arrived on Saturday and are looking forward to touring this area further.

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Day 19 - Nov. 17, 2018

We had planned two weeks in Brownsville but decided we had seen enough there and so we added Galveston as a bonus destination. So, off we went.

Brownsville, TX to Galveston, TX

Day 20 - Nov. 18, 2018

A dull, rainy day so we decided to got into old downtown Galveston. Some wonderful old architecture and many buildings built in the late 1800's. Highlights include the Tremont House Hotel which was originally built in 1839 but has been destroyed and re-built a few times. History can be found here.

The beautiful Moody Mansion also stands out. At 28,000 sq, ft. and completed in 1895 it makes quite the impression. The house next door is the Quigg-Baulard Cottage, built in 1867, the year Canada became a country.

Moody Mansion

Day 21 - Nov. 19, 2018

Just a quiet day.. Too quiet for me so I went for a quick drive and just got a few shots of some birds and the local area.

Homes all built on pilings in case of flood

Day 22 - Nov. 20, 2018

A big day. The weather improved so we headed out. First stop was a nearby beach. The pelicans were fishing just offshore affording us the opportunity for some great shots.

Next, into Galveston where we got a few more shots of the incredible architecture and then a stop at the Grand Opera House. Built in 1894 this place is fabulous! Absolutely beautiful, it has survived hurricanes and floods and has been lovingly maintained and restored. What a place to watch a show! It is busy with shows constantly. The Oak Ridge Boys will play The Grand Opera House in January 2019.

After lunch on Pier 21 we are off to the "Moody Gardens". This consists of a large hotel, a couple large pyramids holding an aquarium in one and a tropical rain forest in the other. We got a few decent shots in the aquarium and several of some interesting birds and other critters in the rain forest.

There is also an ice sculpture display. 9 degrees F, so they had out parkas for everyone but we declined. The locals looked at us like we were nuts, but it wasn't that bad.

So, in the end, there are too many pictures here but I have narrowed down the about 850 we took to 83.

Grand Opera House

Day 23 - Nov. 21, 2018

Back to the dull grey skies, wind and rain. Oh well, what can you do? So, just a few shots. Galveston Island has miles and miles of beaches. Along the road and beaches all of the homes are built on stilts. One level for some but most are two and some are even three stories, plus the stilts. They look enormous!

Day 24 - Nov. 22, 2018

A day trip to the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge. We saw plenty of different birds as well as a couple alligators and a really strange looking fish called a "Sheepshead Fish". This odd looking fish has teeth that look human!

We also saw several Crested Caracaras, lots of Great Egrets, Whit Ibis, White-Faced Ibis, Grebes, and a Roseate Spoonbill.

The entire Galveston area, and even the coast of the Gulf of Mexico is "bayou" swamp and wonderful environment for birds and animals of all sorts. If you click on the "i" on the photo stream you will see the names of the birds and animals.

Finally, there are a couple night shots of the resort.

Crested Caracara

Day 25 - Nov. 23, 2018

Travel day. Galveston to Canyon Lake, Texas which is halfway between San Antonio and Austin. Only a few shots on the way. I managed to get a Great Egret in flight. Lastly, a couple shots of the view from our balcony for the next week.

Galveston, TX to Canyon Lake, TX