Texas Plus:

January 26 to Febuary 1

(Canyon Lake, TX )

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Day 15 - January 26, 2024

A long drive today from Shamrock Texas to Canyon Lake Texas. Leaving Shamrock we stopped at the "U Drop Inn" which is a restored Conoco station and now used as a tourist visitor centre and cafe. An old Studebaker truck is in the garage.

Then on the road we went. The first 5 hours we drove in pouring rain and fog. When we went through Abilene, the water was so deep in places that it was over the bottom of the doors of the cars.

Then, as we were driving through Brady, Texas, we saw an old bus. It was Jim Reeves' tour bus and a country music museum, so we stopped there. It was a very interesting collection of artifacts and clothing from country music stars of the past. Name one and they had stuff there. Even old cars owned by Tammy Wynette, Ernest Tubb, Ferlin Husky and others. Even a cool old golf cart owned by Jim Reeves.

Day 16 - January 27, 2024

Don't play mini golf with Verna! She is ruthless. After she humiliated me, we went to a glass blowing place (Wimberley Glassworks) where we were very entertained and educated as they made a beautiful, custom order vase and a smaller vase as well.

After that we just went for a drive to a few local parks with swimming holes. Bud E. was very disappointed as he was not allowed to swim or climb the tree!

Day 17 - January 28, 2024

A day off. Just a few shots of our accommodations (we didn't even clean up for the photos), Bud E. enjoying watching football, then a few shots around the resort, sunset shots and the pools at night.

Sunset over Canyon Lake

Day 18 - January 29, 2024

Luchenbach, Texas, made famous in the 1977 song by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson "Back to the Basics of Love" is actually an old US Post Office from 1850. Closed in 1971, it is now a music venue, but unlike any music venue I have ever been to. 365 days a year the local folks come and play and write music. It's free. Sometimes there are even name country stars that stop by to play. They play for tips and this has been going on for decades. The setting is magical. Very rural and under massive Oak trees and the stars, the music is made. I have been here before but it still is magic.


Luchenbach, Texas

Day 19 - January 30, 2024

First stop today, The Alamo. An amazing piece of American history. A small group of Texans (actually, volunteers from all over the U.S. and indeed, the world), held off a large contingent of Mexican army troops for 13 days. This time allowed Sam Houston the chance to raise and train an army that eventually defeated Santa Anna. This allowed Texas to be an independent state that a few years later joined the U.S., which in turn meant the U.S. could expand coast to coast. Agree or disagree with the politics of it all, this is history and it changed the world forever. It is an interesting story. If you haven't read about it, it is time well spent to learn about this time in history.

Then the San Antonio Riverwalk. This is a beautiful section of a beautiful city where you can walk for miles along the river with restaurants, shops and hotels along the way. Tour the river by boat or walk. Either way it is beautiful.

Day 20 - January 31, 2024

A very quiet day today. We took the drive (about an hour) to the Hamilton Pools. Quite disappointing for a number of reasons. First, there was no charge when i was last here in 2018 and second, the overhang trail is closed so the best photo op is no longer available. However we made the best of it. We did see some painted turtles, got a few shots of the pool then went off to Reimer's Ranch park for a picnic.

I have added a shot of the Hamilton Pool from inside the grotto that was taken in November of 2017. It is the last picture.

Painted Turtles at the Hamilton Pools

Day 21 - February 1, 2024

Our last day at Canyon Lake, Texas. We had a quick walk on the dam, saw a Great egret then headed off to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. I usually don't shoot at zoos as I would rather find wildlife in the wild. However, this is a little different. OK, a lot different. At this wildlife park you drive your own vehicle through over 400 acres and the animals (well, most of them) are wandering around "wild". They are on the road, walk right up to your car and will stick their heads in your window if you let them. The exceptions are the predators and really large animals such as the rhinos, the cheetahs, and giraffes. Some of the ostriches are almost as big as the car and they were pecking at my window. Then a quick stop at the Budgie Walk and we were done.

Off to Austin tomorrow.

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch