Texas Plus:

March 23 to March 29

(San Simeon, CA to Point Arena, CA to Crescent City, CA)

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Day 72 - March 23, 2024

I am going to apologize in advance for boring you with too many photos of stunning coastline for the next 10 days or so as we travel north along the California, Oregon and Washington coast. 


Imagine a 150 mile stretch of incredible, scenic highway stretching from Point “A” to “B” but with a 10-mile section missing in the middle. What do you do? Well, we drove from San Simeon north to the break in the road, then south back to San Simeon and then around to Monterey. Then we proceeded south through Big Sur, to the break in the road and back again to Monterey.


The day started with Turkey Vultures lined up on fence posts, spreading their wings to warm them in the morning sun. A lighthouse also glorious in the early light, a skunk, a rabbit, seals, and miles of incredible coast. I tried to capture a few waves along the way too.


Then the California hillsides rising from the ocean (yes, they are that green), to Monterey and south to the famous Bixby Bridge and on to the break in the road on the north end. The weather was moody, with some heavy rain, a wonderful sunset and some misty clouds over the mountains.

Highway 1, Big Sur, south of Monterey, California

Day 73 - March 24, 2024

A long day, but a good one. The weather was cold, windy and rainy, but I drove to San Francisco and picked Verna up from the airport. She has joined me for the remainder of my trip. It’s good to have company again.


Then we just took a quick drive down the coast so Verna could get a taste of the beauty.

Bixby Bridge, Highway #1, California Coast

Day 74 - March 25, 2024

Some days you just take on a lot. We started the day driving through Monterey. Lovely old homes, Cannery Row, the ocean, seals, flowers and more. Then off to Pebble Beach. This is more than a golf course. It is four golf courses, and an extremely expensive residential neighbourhood. In fact, they charge you $12 to drive through it on the “17 Mile Drive”, past the golf courses and the homes with stops at overlooks along the way. Impressive.


And then there is Pebble Beach Golf Links. One of the most famous golf courses in the world. The 18th hole, with the giant Cypress tree just before the green, is legendary in the golf world. You walk past the shops, the practice putting green into the lounge area overlooking the ocean, and the18th fairway and green. Then out to the patio area and down onto the grounds right beside the green. Bud E. wanted to play a round, but they don’t allow bears on the course. We then decided to have lunch in the restaurant with the great view. Why not? We might never get back here.


Next the long drive through California traffic to San Fransisco and the Marin Headlands with spectacular views of the San Fransisco Bay, Alcatraz and of course the Golden Gate Bridge. Ewe also lucked out as the Crown Princess cruise ship was just leaving San Fransisco and we saw her go under the bridge with the city in the distance.


Then, up Highway 1 to Point Arena, our home for the next three days. Unfortunately, between us staying too long at Pebble Beach and San Fransisco traffic, we drove the last hour in the dark so we missed some of the amazing coastal scenery.

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco, CA

Day 75 - March 26, 2024

An easy day today. We just stayed close to home, got some shots of the shoreline and the waves crashing on the rocks, a few sea lions, a lighthouse, some sheep, something called “Bowling Ball Beach” (from above), and a gorgeous sunset.

Point Arena Lighthouse

Day 76 - March 27, 2024

On a cool, rainy day we drove to the Napa Valley and wine country. The drive over the mountains was on a narrow, mountain road that was gorgeous, even in the rain and the fog. The valley is miles of vineyards that are very interesting to see. Upon arriving in the valley, we stopped at Calistoga for a little walk around. A very pretty little town. Then we toured Beringer Vineyards, a winery that was established in 1876. Interesting. The bottles on the racks you see here were bottled in the late 1800’s. Not drinkable today!


Then on to Napa and a quick tour of the Uptown Theatre. This was built in 1937 for live theatre, was converted to movies (at one time it had four screens) and now back to live shows. They have done a beautiful job of restoring it to what it looked like in 1937.


After Napa it was back up the east side of the valley and back home to Point Arena.

"The Cave", Beringer Vineyards

Day 77 - March 28, 2024

Today we decided to run up the coast to Fort Bragg and the Glass Beach so we could see this part of the coast today and skip it tomorrow. The ocean was angry today and the waves were incredible, so too many wave shots. But the coast is amazing!


Glass Beach is glass that was dumped in the ocean with trash for decades, but then was washed up and polished by the waves. More info here. https://www.californiabeaches.com/beach/glass-beach/.


Then back to the condo for our last night at Point Arena before heading to the Avenue of the Giants (the California Redwoods) tomorrow.

Angry Ocean

Day 78 - March 29, 2024

First a few coastal stops, some “Hairy Coos”, then on to the Redwoods.


The Giant Redwoods. Giant doesn’t do them justice. Unfortunately, the rain was almost nonstop. But that doesn’t prevent the beauty and the “WOW” factor of these magnificent trees. The “Chandelier Tree” is the one we drove through. It is over 2,400 years old (let that sink in), 315 feet tall and 21 feet across. Amazing!


Then we slowly drove through “The Avenue of the Giants”, even stopping for a brief stroll through the giant trees. Words and photos can’t describe this. You simply must see it to believe it.


Then on to Crescent City for the night before heading up the Oregon coast tomorrow.

Fallen Giant